Citadel allows you to run a Bitcoin Lightning node or a personal server on a Raspberry Pi. Citadel is proudly Free and open-source software (FOSS). Anyone is free to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way.


Not compromising on open-source

Bitcoin is an ecosystem built on a foundation of free and open source software and ideas. Progress in Bitcoin is made as we build on each other’s work. Bitcoin users must have full freedom over the hardware and software infrastructure they use – freedom to fork, freedom to change, freedom to run the programs they want without any intermediaries.

What can you do with Citadel?

Run a personal Bitcoin
& Bitcoin lightning node


With Citadel you are your own node

A node is a software that connects to the blockchain network and exchanges the latest blockchain data with each other. Its primary purpose is to record every transaction on the Bitcoin network. Thanks to decentralization, anyone can run a node, regardless of the network they’re using.

Become Lightning

The lightning network is a second layer built on top of bitcoin that allows for instantaneous transactions while leveraging the security of the Bitcoin base layer. Citadel allows you to run a full Lightning node and interface with the Lightning Network.

Our principles

Bitcoin was not built to resemble the walled garden digital economy, but instead to provide a path for restoring our sense of self-sufficiency and sovereignty. In today’s world of sweeping centralization, over-organization, and lack of transparency, it is more important than ever to protect the ideals that Bitcoin stands for. 



We designed our app system to make it easy for third parties to distribute their own apps.

In addition, all of Citadel is free and open source. Anyone can modify Citadel as much as they want. If we make a decision you don't agree with, anyone can create their own version of Citadel.



Citadel implements a permission system for apps, letting you know what permissions an app requests. We're also currently developing a system to protect your nodes against theft or modifications from attackers, while preserving your freedom to modify it.



We already allow choosing if you want to use Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Knots as the Bitcoin implementation. Both connect to the same blockchain, but Bitcoin Knots provides an enhanced feature set. Soon, there will be more options and you'll be able to choose a Lightning implementation.

Build your own Citadel


Install Citadel on a Raspberry Pi 4

The fastest, easiest and the most recommended way to build your Citadel node.

Recommended Hardware

✅ Raspberry Pi 4

✅ 1TB+ SSD

✅ SSD Enclosure

✅ 16GB+ microSD

✅ Power Supply

✅ Ethernet Cable

✅ Case


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