A quick update on Citadel 0.1.0

Written by Aaron Dewes -

In this blog post, I want to share a few more details regarding Citadel 0.1.0.

I myself haven't had much time to focus on Citadel recently, but I'm now trying to spend more time on it.

There have been a few things delaying Citadel 0.1.0, so I just wanted to share this quick update with you.

Citadel CLI

This is a thing I forgot in our anniversary blog post: 0.1.0 will also include the Citadel CLI built by Phil.

This will make interacting with your node via SSH much easier, and will also be useful for people new to Linux to get started with the CLI easier.

What's causing the delays?

We want Citadel 0.1.0 to be a better release than what we had done previously.

For this reason, we want to spend a lot time on ensuring these things:

  • Bug-free: Code should be tested better
  • Developer Experience: Developing apps for Citadel should be easy, porting apps from Umbrel should be able to happen in 5 minutes
  • User experience: Citadel should be easy to use and fast

To ensure these things, and also bring new features to you, Citadel 0.1.0 takes a bit longer to develop.

We're currently redesigning the Citadel app system completely for a better user and developer experience. To make sure this new system will last longer than the previous one, we need to spend a lot of time on optimizing it and trying out various options on how apps could be developed.

But don't worry, we're still preparing the release, and a beta version will be published soon.

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