100% transparent

Our code and our finances, completely public

At Citadel, we value transparency. Every part of our code, every cent and satoshi we receive, everything we build and everything else we do is completely transparent.

Have a look at our code or view our finances.

Bitcoin is an ecosystem built on a foundation of free and open source software and ideas. Progress in Bitcoin is made as we build on each other's work. Bitcoin users must have full freedom over the hardware and software infrastructure they use – freedom to fork, freedom to change, freedom to run the programs they want without any intermediaries.
- Foundation Devices, The foundations of freedom in bitcoin

Unlimited possibilities

With our app store, you can run literally anything on your node.

Not only does Citadel include a large selection of apps already available, anyone from the community can build their own app store and you can install it. This even includes app stores built for Umbrel!

A modern Umbrel alternative

100% transparent and a lot more up-to-date

Citadel started out as a modified version of Umbrel. Our goal was to keep the oiginal idea of Bitcoin: Build in the open. Unlike Umbrel, which only publishes their code after releases, we stay transparent with what we do and allow you to use our code for any purpose.

We also ensure all of our apps are up to date. On Umbrel a lot of apps are outdated. On Citadel, app updates are made available almost daily (If there are any updates available upstream).

Citadel also has a more secure community app store system. We still try to allow importing apps from Umbrel community app stores, but because of Umbrel's insecure design, not all apps can be imported into Citadel's safe app system.

Upgrade to Citadel

Join our waitlist to get notified when you can upgrade your node

We're planning to make it possible to switch from Umbrel to Citadel. Join our waitlist to get notified when you can upgrade your node.

Easy to use

With a simple user interface, we make it easy to use your node.

Get started

Build your own, or purchase a prebuilt node.

There are multiple ways to build your own Citadel. We've also partnered with DTV Electronics to offer prebuilt nodes you can just plug in and use immediately.

Having trouble finding Raspberry Pi parts? rpilocator may be able to help you.

Raspberry Pi 4

The most popular setup

This is simple to configure, and used by most members of the community.

Estimated cost: $200


  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • microSD Card
  • USB to SATA adapter
  • Power Supply
  • Case

Basic CM4 setup

More advanced and stable setup

This is a bit harder to configure, but will be faster and less likely to cause issues in the future.

Estimated cost: $230


  • Raspberry Pi CM4 Lite
  • microSD Card
  • CM4 IO Board
  • M.2 to PCIe Adapter

Advanced CM4 setup

Even more advanced and stable setup

This is harder to configure, but will be faster and also work during power outages. It also supports PoE.

Estimated cost: $270



The easiest way

Prebuilt nodes from DTV Electronics make setting up your node even easier.

Estimated cost: $300-350


Join the waitlist

Get access to Citadel as soon as we launch

Citadel is currently in beta and we do not have an install guide yet. However, you can join our waitlist to get access as soon as we launch.